3. The West-fjords

There are many places on the West-fjords worth visiting. The mountains are extremely steep there, excluding sun-light from some villages in the darkest time of the year. Because of the steep mountains, the roads follow the fjords in most cases, making all distances pretty far. Visiting the West-fjords requires a couple of days if you are to enjoy and experience the area.
The biggest town is Ísafjörður with about 2800 inhabitants. The Westfjords are Iceland´s most sparsely populated region apart from the highlands. Close to Ísafjörður there is a small island called Vigur where time seems to stand still and is ideal for bird-lovers.
Sailing and whale wathcing is offered from Ísafjörður and some other towns.
On the southernmost-part there are sandy-beaches where it is nice running around and wade in the shore. There is one glacer on the Westfjords named Drangajökull. The biggest waterfall is 'Dynjandi', one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland, with camping facilities close by.