2. Flatey

Flatey is a small island on Breiðafjörður, between Snæfellsnes peninsula and the West-fjords. There are daily scheduled trips between Stykkishólmur (on Snæfellsnes) and Brjánslækur (on the West-fjords), with a stop-over in Flatey. Check this web-site for more info.
The atmosphere in Flatey is very relaxed as there are almost no cars there. There are maybe 2-3 old cars, transporting goods from the ferry to the village. It is a very small island and nowadays people only live there during the summer. Many years ago this was lively fishing-village where people lived all year round and you can still see ruins from that. There is a church in the island, small hotel where you can buy café and many old houses. It is nice just walking around and also going down to the shore.
If you are going to the West-fjords from Snæfellsnes, you can take the car with you in the ferry, jump off in Flatey, walk around and take the next ferry to Brjánslækur where the car will be waiting for you.